The Red Velvetier


Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that The Red Velvetier has received over time, briefly explained below for your convenience. Please don't hesitate to email or call for any other questions you may have


How long in advance do I need to order a cake?

  • Birthday cakes, novelty cakes, special occasion cakes and cupcakes, 3-4 weeks notice
  • Wedding Cakes, Corporate cakes, 4-6 months notice

What information is needed to provide a quote on a cake?

  • All  the cakes are custom, there is no catalogue and no set price. Size, flavour and amount of detail and time in each piece, determines the price of the cake. In order to provide an accurate quote on any cake, please provide: the date, number of guests, flavour options, descriptions/images of the type of cake you're looking for

How do I go about paying for my cake?

  • Upon accepting the quote, the client is required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit on their total invoice. This deposit will secure their booking and spot.
  • Each quote has a validity period, during this time The Red Velvetier will hold your spot and booking, after this time, if no deposit is received, the spot will be open to other bookings.
  • Any cake being delivered, the balance must be settled before delivery, latest, 3 days prior to the event.
  • On collection, the balance must be paid in cash (birthdays, special occasions)
  • On larger invoices (weddings) the 50% balance can be paid off in agreed installments till the wedding date

How does delivery work?

  • If the client requests delivery, or the Wedding cake needs to be assembled on site. There is an additional delivery fee, this is worked out according to the distance, as well as the time to set up, assemble and deliver the cake.
  • The cake will be delivered and set up 2-3 hours prior to the event. The Cake table, cloth and setting must be ready before the cakes are delivered. Once the cake is assembled and set, the cake must NOT be moved

Can I put the cakes into the fridge on a warm day?


  • Definitely not. The cakes are not to be put into a moist environment at any point. The moisture in the fridge will create droplets on the cake, making the sugar work, fondant melt and making the colours and painting run.

How long will the cakes keep?

  • Like with any raw ingredient or food item, the minute it's opened and used, it will start to slowly spoil. The cakes should keep for at least a week, after which they will dry out.
  • Once the cake has been cut, it can be kept in the fridge. Or in a cake tin to prevent it from drying out quicker.
  • Fruit cakes/Christmas cakes. These cakes have brandy in, and so the brandy preserves the cake. The cakes are sealed with marzipan (almond paste) and covered in fondant, which seals any leaks and prevents any outside air contaminating the cake. Fruit cakes can be kept for up to 2 years.

Can cakes be frozen?

  • As long as the cake is sealed off with cling wrap (on the actual cake tightly) then put into a plastic bag, the cake can be safely frozen for up to 3 months (fondant and all) 

Sample cakes?

  • Free sample cakes are offered with any Wedding cake order. 
  • These are 6 inch round cakes (15cm) in the flavour of your choice. They are ordered, collected and taken home to taste with family and friends.
  • Additional sample cakes, or sample cakes for birthdays, novelties, special occasions can be ordered at an additional charge of R 80.00 each.


How long in advance do I need to start thinking about my flower design and decor concept?

  • From when you book your venue, you would have a rough idea about the direction/style/theme you're going towards. 
  • About 8 months before the date is you should book and confirm your Flower and Decor company

What information is needed to design my concept?

  • In order to successfully develop and design a look and atmosphere that will perfectly capture your vision, as much information about the event is needed. The date, number of guests, venue details, inspiration, style, theme and colours.

What about a mock up?

  • Mock ups are charged additionally. The first mock up will be at a discounted rate. Any additional mock ups requested will be charged accordingly.

Do you just supply flowers?

  • The Red Velvetier supplies all your floral needs as well as decor to accompany the overall look.
  • The Red Velvetier will design your complete look, for your guest tables, main table, overall venue look.
  • Anything from draping, to lighting, flowers, candles, crystal cut vases, holders, cylinders, seating charts, glass, wooden, metal elements. The complete concept and look.

How does payment work?

  • The Red Velvetier will design a concept based on your individual budget.
  • Once the quote is provided, there will be a validity period, during which, there is a 50% non-refundable deposit which must be paid to secure your spot and booking.
  • The balance will be payed in stages in the months leading to the function/wedding. The balance is to be settled before set up of the wedding.

Set up and break down?

  • On the day of the event/wedding, The Red Velvetier team will come into the venue, arrange according to the floor plan, fully dress and build your artwork as to what has been promised/agreed. 
  • Set up will be complete 2 hours before the guests arrive
  • Once the event is complete, The Red Velvetier team will come in (night of or next day) and totally break down/collapse the event/wedding.